Custom Tailored Shirts at No Additional Cost

Proudly Made in the USA!

  • Fastest production time in the country.
  • High quality production standards.
  • Bringing jobs back from sweat shops overseas and creating jobs here.
  • Ability to make custom fit and design at no additional cost.
  • Fast trend to market! See it on TV as a new trend? Now you can wear it in a couple days.
  • We offer free returns and exchanges to keep our customers happy no matter what it takes.



Quality Dress Shirts

All of our fabrics are imported from Italy, England, Japan, and Turkey. Then we hand cut each order manually and make everything in the USA. We don’t pay our staff per piece rate, therefore we can take the time to make a quality shirt and even snip all the little thread after it’s complete. We use crisp woven double layered interfacing in the collar for a super crisp collar. The buttons are brushed nickel plated in a ring around the button creating a neat look in every little bit of detail. The buttonholes are purl stitch with double the stitches from an industry standard buttonhole.

How Can We Afford to Sell Custom Tailored Shirts at No Additional Cost?

We choose to make all our shirts in the USA but generally this isn’t done very easily.The cost of production is so much higher and therefore the retail prices would need to be much higher. We decided to cut out the middle man and all the retailers and just sell directly to all of our customers. The retailer has a 100% markup and we feel that is ridiculous! We may have a slower profit strategy by going direct to each and every person, but we will take care of every single customer and make sure they are happy and hope they will return for more shirts in the future.

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